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Regular (Within COST Countries)
Near Neighbours (From COST countries to Near neighbours countries : Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, Ukraine)
Reciprocal (From COST Countries to Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa)

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Family Name: Early Stage Researcher:
(less than PhD+8years)
Institution Address:
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Please note that the "Key academical details" and the "Work Plan Summary" are requested only for statisticals purposes and not for the evaluation of the request. Full CV and detailed Work Plan may be sent to the MC Chair or STSM coordinator for evaluation and support of your request.
Key academical details (date of birth, higher education degree, further qualifications):
Work Plan Summary
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Applicant Bank Details

Name of Account Holder:
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Receiving Bank Name:
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Bank Account Number - IBAN
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Host Details
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Financial Data
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Both IBAN and Non-IBAN countries are acceptable.

You'll find IBAN countries listed first and then non-IBAN countries. While IBAN account numbers will be verified, we cannot check the validity of non-IBAN accounts. In that case we recommend you to verify you input carefully.

STSM duration

Minimum duration is 5 working days

Maximum duration is:

  • 6 Months if you are ESR (Early Stage Researcher).
  • 3 Months for if you are not ESR.
Early Stage Researcher

The definition of "early stage researchers" is based on the time that elapses between the date of the PhD/doctorate (or similar experience) and the date of involvement in the COST Action.

If this time span is less than 8 years, a person fits the definition. Periods of career's leave (e.g. maternity leave) have to be added to the time span mentioned.

The justifications are to be documented in the approval of the STSM.

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